DJ Sylence

A Bass Music DJ

DJ Sylence is a long time veteran record DJ, spinning out drum'n'bass for over a decade. Since 10, he's been an avid listener of electronic music. At the age of 12, he started his DJ'ing career by mixing CD's together, using an old multi-channel guitar amp and 2 CD decks without pitch adjustments.

Today, DJ Sylence has switched focus from Drum'n'bass purist, to all bass. From broken instrumental trip-hop, drum'n'bass, future bass and chillstep, you can count on thick primal beats with heavy deep bass that fluctuates the dance floor.

Mixing Styles

DJ Sylence is known for deeper, longer, surgical mixes, making use of effects, panning, full EQ set with a tinge of flares like slowing down the track to a stop, back spins, scratching and effect tweaks. Seamless mixing and an ear for perfection has chiseled DJ Sylence into a technical wizard on the mixer.

When he was younger, the anxiety of perfection wore on his soul, which primed him for stellar craftsmanship and excellent skill sets, from deep soulful bass mixing to filter drops and crab scratching with FX processing, you won't be disappointed.

Wrap up

DJ Sylence is known for dropping heavy drum patterns thick and complex, intensely driven. He has spun out for clubs and raves during the era of 2000 into the late 2000's. He laid dormant concentrating on his technical career for a few years.... However, winter is over, and this beast of a DJ is waking up from his slumber.